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  Our Mission

We use aviation as a gateway for people to embrace adventure and innovation while using tools of science to explore how the physical world works and how the dream of flight is made into reality.


Where Inspiration Takes Flight!

Who We Are

The Hiller Aviation Museum, a Smithsonian Affiliate museum, was opened to the public in 1998 by helicopter designer and inventor Stanley Hiller Jr. and features over 50 aircraft from more than a century of aviation history. The museum is visited by over 90,000 people each year including over 10,000 children from regional K-12 schools. The Hiller Aviation Museum is a 501(c)(3) California non-profit Public Benefit organization.

The Museum celebrates the spirit of discovery and innovation of aviation pioneers whose creativity made the dream of flight a reality for all of us. The Museum is a unique cultural asset and lifelong learning resource for diverse communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since opening, the Museum has served over one million visitors. Core museum programs for school children are based on state and national academic standards and support K-12 school curricula in history and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), including interactive, hands-on programs developed in partnership with NASA.

Addressing a Need

Today, youth lack opportunities to connect the science-related subjects they struggle to learn in the classroom with applications in the real world. The Hiller Aviation Museum puts the products of aviation science into the hands of children. Without places like the Hiller Aviation Museum,

  • How will youth be inspired to become tomorrow's innovators?
  • How will youth be exposed to real-world applications of science and technology?
  • How will youth discover the magic of flight and prepare for aviation's future?

What We Do

We make a difference by serving as an educational and inspirational resource.

  • We use aviation as a means to ignite in our visitors their spark of adventure and talent for innovation:
      The museum's unique offerings showcase accomplished aviators through exhibits and special live programs, celebrate extraordinary technologies through events like "Seaplane Adventure" and "Day of Drones", and stimulate creativity and innovation in school children with activities like Aviation Summer Camp and our annual Aero Design Challenge.
  • We encourage our youth and adults to embrace an adventurous spirit and provide them with tools and hands-on experiences that help them better perform in science and math:
      Hands-on programs immerse visitors of all ages in real world applications of aviation, from creating and testing model aircraft in our Invention Lab to conducting flight planning activities and experiencing flight from the pilot's seat in our Flight Sim Zone.
  • We improve the science literacy of youth and adults along with their attitudes toward technological progress, all to meet the challenges of the 21st century:
      Aviation-themed activities using tools of science such as laptops, digital sensors and wind tunnels coupled with measurement and computation foster a more technologically adept visitor and helps develop academically successful and scientifically literate school children.

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