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M A J O R    A N D   P L A N N E D    G I F T S


  Planned Giving

Legacy Gifts are one of the most significant demonstrations of commitment to the community that an individual can make.

A legacy gift, or deferred gift, is one which you decide upon now and which provides for your favorite nonprofit program later.


Planned Gift Suggestions

A Bequest in Your Will

This is a great way for friends and donors of the museum to leave a legacy. Through your will, you can give a specific dollar amount, or you can assign a percentage of your estate. Your gift can be unrestricted or it can be designated for a specific use or program.

A Life-Income Plan

Consider plans that allow you to set aside assets for the museum to receive eventually- but in the meantime, provide for your income from the investment of those assets. Many of our donors like the immediate tax deduction this allows, plus the security of knowing they’ll always have a reliable source of income. These plans let you “get something back” from your gift.

Beneficiary Designations

With life insurance policies and individual retirement plans, you can name who is to receive the proceeds at your death. Donating a life insurance policy can be a wonderful means of leveraging your gift. Naming the Hiller Aviation Museum as the beneficiary of your retirement funds after your death can also result in tremendous tax savings.

For more details on how to arrange a gift through your will or estate plan, talk to your attorney or estate planner.

For more information on making a gift to the museum’s Leave a Legacy Group, or if you already made provisions for the museum in your estate plan and would like us to know about it, please contact Development at 650-654-0200 x 215.



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